From Brian

To my Versālus Clients:

The merger with Colton Groome was done first and foremost with you, our loyal clients, in mind. As most of you know, in June of 2014, I suddenly lost most of my vision. In July of the same year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since that time, I have lost the ability to drive and—as a result—have not been able to travel and see clients. Additionally, my illness has continued to progress.

My daughter—Betsy Pusateri, whom most of you have worked with—and I have tried our best to service your needs; but, with this merger we will be able to give you so much more. In fact, when searching for a partner in 2018, I had six requirements for the merging company in mind:

  1. A like-minded corporate ethic to best serve clients
  2. Premier customer service
  3. Proven history and reliability
  4. Younger leadership and employees to serve clients longer
  5. A firm with expanded offerings to accommodate a wider range of needs
  6. And lastly, a company that would provide a seamless transition

I am happy to say Colton Groome was an ideal fit for all of my requirements. I will continue to be a steadfast resource for all Colton Groome team members. If you have questions regarding this merger, or would like to meet your new team, please reach out via (828) 252-1816 or


J. Brian Pusateri

Brian Pusateri, of Versālus Insurance,
found a home for his clients at Colton Groome

Versālus clients:

We hope we have provided these important principles to you, the way Brian planned. We are thrilled that the transition finalized through all insurance platforms and carriers in mid-2019. We hope you see your principles in place every day, providing you with trustworthy resources to protect yourself, your family, and/or your business.

As for Brian, he is a steadfast member of the Colton Groome team. We are proud to carry on Brian’s culture of diligence and commitment. If you are a Versālus client and would like to discuss this transition, have questions regarding your insurance strategy, or what new-to-you services are now offered, please use the contact box below.


G. Tate Groome

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*Versālus and Colton Groome Insurance are separate entities from Valmark Securities, Inc.