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The Zimdars Company

At Colton Groome Insurance Advisors, we know change can be scary. When a closely held business chooses it’s succession plan, it’s important to understand that the decision hasn’t been taken lightly. We, at Colton Groome, are chosen as a successor for several reasons:

Our longevity—We have more than 70 years of experience, and are in our third generation of ownership.
Our client-first approach—Relationships are everything to us. You are so much more than an insurance policy number.
Our young leadership—We are positioned to serve clients longer.
A comprehensive suite of services—Our expanded offerings can accommodate a wider range of needs.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Keep reading for a Zimdars Company letter, describing this transition in more detail.

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CGIA independently provides leading insurance products to best suit your unique needs. Through collaborative team work, advanced case design expertise, and private underwriting, we search the marketplace for what works for you. Simply put, we work and advocate for you; not an insurance carrier or producer group.

CGIA specializes in collaborative team work. We will coordinate and collaborate with your attorney, banker, and/or accountant to provide the best life insurance and disability insurances  for buy-sell agreements, key-person needs, and business continuation planning.

For 70 years our firm has collaborated with and supported financial institutions in providing best-in-class insurance solutions. CGIA partners value our proven OSLI™ Process for centralizing and streamlining life insurance processes, procurement of preferred underwriting, and ongoing policy monitoring and support. 

in the event of a premature death or long-term care event

if you are unable to perform the duties of your occupation due to disability

and estate plan through customized life insurance portfolios

through valuable Buy-Sell or Key-Person insurance strategy

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*The Zimdars Company, Inc. is not affiliated with Valmark Securities, Inc. 

Because it's not just insurance.