We Service Banks & RIA's

Colton Groome Insurance Advisors provides Registered Investment Advisors and Private Wealth Banks with outsourced solutions for high-level Insurance Planning. Why would an RIA or bank leverage the expertise of OSLI™? Well, we start with asking you that question. For each institution the answer is different. Perhaps you once had an insurance department that didn’t quite work out. Perhaps you don’t like the additional compliance oversight, liability and headache of having in-house insurance planning.

Whatever the reason for outsourcing, you need to find a partner that is:

  1. Proven and Trust-Worthy. After all, these are your most important clients. You can’t trust their confidentiality to just anyone.
  2. Credentialed Professionals with a Team-Based Approach
  3. A Firm that Follows the Golden Rule: Always treating your representatives with respect, and keeping your client first.
  4. Understanding That One-Size Doesn’t Fit All. You need someone who understands how to position customized insurance portfolios for each client’s long-term success.
  5. Dedicated to Service. Each policy placed through CGIA will be monitored by LifeTrust3D™ on an annual basis.
Are your private wealth advisors referring clients to insurance professionals they can trust? 

If you’re not sure, the risk is too great for one of your clients. If anything were to go wrong, you would be called in to clean up the mess. You are the one your client trusts. You are their financial architect. You deserve an Outsourced Life Insurance Partner that cares as much as you do.

Is OSLI™ Right for You? Six Questions to Consider

Your File is Downloaded.

  1. (In your opinion) Will the need for life insurance increase, decrease, or remain the same for your clients in the future?
  2. In the past, have you received compensation from in-house or outsourced insurance partnerships? If so, how important is it for you to receive revenue from this relationship moving forward?
    • If it is important, have you considered the compliance hurdles and possible conflict of interest perception?

  3. As you service your clients, how crucial is it for you to have management reporting and ongoing policy monitoring services for your insurance clients and policies?
  4. How important is it for you (including your ADV) to be truly “fee-only” vs a “hybrid” of fees and commissions?
  5. Does it matter that your insurance partner also holds a fiduciary duty to do what is in a client’s best interest? Would it be helpful to have a partner that (like you) must navigate current and future regulatory changes?
  6. The Big Question: 3 years from now, what will define success with an outsourced life insurance partner? What outcome would you most like to achieve and/or avoid?
RIA is indicative of Registered Investment Advisor
LifeTrust3D™ is a separate entity from Valmark Financial Group and Colton Groome Insurance Advisors