Comprehensive Annuity Review
and Evaluation Service:

The CARES Process™

Let’s face it; annuities are viewed by the investment community as expensive. The adage “you get what you pay for” applies to most annuities when riders are correctly used.

However, many riders are not correctly used. This forces us to coin a new phrase: “You don’t get what you pay for” when annuity riders are not leveraged appropriately. If you are going to own an annuity, the goal is to get into the annuity carrier’s pocket as quickly as possible – use their money, not yours. Afterall, that is why the benefits of annuities come with a higher cost structure than a traditional investment portfolio.

Does your annuity have the appropriate riders to meet your goals for income, accumulation and/or death benefit?

If so, are you using them appropriately? If not, you may be paying fees unnecessarily. Our customized CARES Process™ can help answer your lingering annuity questions. 


The CARES™ Process

Annuities are complex. That’s why CGIA’s annuity process is a fully-comprehensive process:
  1. We begin with the CARES Questionnaire™ to help you identify your priorities.
  2. We analyze and detail product features in context with your designated goal(s).
  3. The CARES Report™ will provide detailed analysis correlating your objectives against highlighted features of each annuity option. Our goal is to provide you with the product with the largest achievement impact on your objective.

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