What happens if an accident or illness leaves you unable to perform professionally?

What happens if an accident or illness leaves you unable to work in the specific occupation you’ve been trained for? How long would your current savings last? At Colton Groome Insurance Advisors, we understand that our client’s ability to wake tomorrow morning and earn a significant living in their own occupation is their most important financial asset. Income protection is the cornerstone of any financial plan.

Did you know 1 in 4 working adults will become disabled for 90 (or more) days during their working career?


Without your income all other financial goals and dreams are in jeopardy. Your long-term goals and dreams are what Colton Groome Insurance Advisors is here to protect. We work with some of the highest-rated and most competitively priced carriers to design the unique coverage you need.

Surgeons, Physicians & Dentists

Colton Groome Insurance Advisors understands you have invested more into building your skills and talents than most other professionals. That is why working with a specialized disability protection consultant is critical to your long-term success. We understand true own occupation definition of disability and specialty-specific, own occupation definitions of disability.