Private Underwriting

and why it matters.

Life insurance underwriting includes an examination of your health, occupation, avocation, and financial profile by an insurance company to assign a “risk class” for your policy. The risk class directly impacts the required premium for your coverage. A more favorable risk class will result in a lower required premium. Carriers price risk differently and offers may vary widely across carriers. We strive to direct you to a carrier best suited for your specific situation.

Advocacy is Critical.

In the context of life insurance underwriting, advocacy means working on your behalf to:


with carriers to get you the best offers


unnecessary tests or gathering of medical records


you to the correct underwriting pathway for your needs and risk profile

You are unique.

Shouldn't your underwriting be unique, too?

Depending on your coverage needs and preliminary health information, carriers may have faster, streamlined underwriting processes available. Alternatively, it may be advantageous to use a more involved approach to explore offers before committing to one or more carriers. We’ll help determine which approach is right for you.

Your File is Downloaded.

Getting Started is Easy.

To jumpstart our mission for your best premium offers, we start by completing our quick PURE™ Questionnaire. From there, our team of experienced and knowledgeable underwriters will work with you to determine the best approach for your circumstances and objectives. Let us walk you through this in a thirty-minute phone conference.